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  • I would definitely recommend this home to anyone going to Orlando. Even though I was born and raised in Florida, I found all your tips, brochures and information invaluable. Your rental was everything (and more) than advertised - it was gorgeous, clean, convenient, quiet, and close to the pool.  Not to mention the very competitive rates.  Thanks for all your help....
  • We absolutely loved your condo. It was in the perfect spot! I was so impressed that I am making up a poster to pass around photo's I took of the condo to everyone I know!
    Cheers. Nathan Cutting

Lenore teaches the grand kids the fine art of cup-cake making. The trick is to get some of the frosting on the cupcakes!

Frank and granddaughter Abby discovering The Magic Kingdom for her first time!

Hi there. We're Frank and Lenore Monteleone, your Disney hosts. I (Frank) was born and raised in the good old state of NY in a little town about 30 miles north of NYC called 'Mamaroneck' and my bride Lenore is a Connecticut Yankee, born and raised in the town of Stamford CT. Thanks to a job transfer in 1999, we reluctantly moved from our upstate home in Poughkeepsie NY, to Florida. I had always sworn I would never live in Florida, but we decided to give it a try.

Well, it would take the U.S. Army and all their tanks to get us out of here now! This is as close to paradise as you can get without 'crossing over'! In 2002, we decided to buy our first of our condos in Disney World, use Lenore's professional decorating talents, and begin the job of hoteliers renting to families from all over the world. We have met some of the most wonderful people and families doing this, many who have become personal friends. That has been one of the wonderful side benefits.
Believe it or not, the greatest thrill we get from doing all this is when one of our Disney families tell us that "this vacation was the best we have ever had". It's not even about how great our home was.

Why?  Because our homes, as beautiful as they are, are really a grace note or compliment to the reason you are coming here - Disney World - the most exciting place on earth!
We have emails and testimonials from families all over the world who wrote after their return to home to tell us how wonderful our homes and services were, and how it was "the best vacation they ever had".

We get this over and over and each time is just like the first time for us. We value each one so highly, because it tells us we are doing something right. But most of all, we gave a family wonderful lifetime memories.
When they write that their children did not want to leave and "will only come back if they can stay HERE"; that our homes exceeded any home they had ever stayed in before, anywhere - these are the things that make us reach even higher to see if we can out-do ourselves. "Good enough" has never, ever been part of our vocabulary.
Lenore and I have a great system: I take care of the business end, and she does all the design, decor and "out of the box" thinking on how to make our homes well above everything else out there. It's a great combination, because my best decorating comes on Sundays, when I decorate the table with food for the football games, and her best computer work, well, let's leave it at that before I get in trouble.
We spend more money and time on our homes than anyone we know because we want you to have that "oooh and aaah" experience when you open the door for the first time; we literally want you to write home about it. 
But most of all, every time you and your family think about your Disney vacation, we want you to remember how great your total experience made you feel.
It's a "life-time memory" and no one - no one, cares more about making it perfect for you than we do. That's all we do and all we think about, 7 days a week.
Only need a home to hang your hat and sleep? Sorry, not here. You will need to go somewhere else for that.
We are in the business of creating wonderful, complete memories.
And while you are spoiling the children, we are going to be spoiling you.
Thanks for stopping by. We hope to have the privilege of assisting you!
Frank and Lenore Monteleone

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