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  • The place was WONDERFUL!!!!! I still can't believe it! I didn't want to leave this morning. This place is so beautiful that I took pictures and sent them to all my friends and family! I will be contacting you again so that I can stay here again!
    Janey Thomas
  • My son, Ty, who was there celebrating his 5th birthday, LOVED "his" room with his bunk beds, games and books. Frank, it was so easy working with you to arrange this great trip. You clearly put a lot of effort into this condo and helping your customers and it shines through!
    Warm wishes, Joyce,Cuong and Ty Hicks

Mickey Mouse "The Giant" meets Abby the granddaughter!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you allow smoking in any of your Disney homes?
No, we do not. We understand that many people have allergies and also dislike the smell of smoke in their living environment. Our rental agreements are very clear about our no smoking policy. For our family members who do smoke, we provide ashtrays outside on the balconies (3 B/R homes), and for those staying in our 2 B/R homes, the front porch decks can be used for this purpose.

2. Do you allow pets of any kind in your homes?
We ourselves are huge animal lovers and have 3 cats that “run the roost” at our home. However, due to the possible allergies of other guests who stay with us in these homes, we do not allow pets of any kind regardless of how well trained they may be and are very clear about this in our rental agreement.

3. Are your homes really as “upscale and beautiful” as you say they are?
We have hundreds of guest comments and emails we would love to share with you. Mostly everyone who has stayed with us has said “if anything, you understated how beautiful and lovely the home is. Even the photos did not do justice”.  Our objective is literally to make your family “ooh and aaah” when you open the door, and make it like no other housing experience you have ever had. They are new, immaculate and everything we (and our guests) say they are.

4. We have a small baby. Will we need to bring baby-ware with us?
Absolutely not. We supply all your baby-ware needs FREE of charge: high chair, umbrella stroller for the parks, and a porta-crib with fresh linens. Leave yours home!

5. We have four adults and would like to rent one of the two-bedroom condos. Will the sleeping arrangements permit this?
Yes and no. Our two-bedroom condos provide a master bedroom with a king-size master bed and private bath. The second bedroom is equipped with two sets of bunk-beds (4 twin-size beds). If two adults do not mind sleeping in the twin-size lower bunk beds, then yes, we will be happy to accommodate you. Although rated for more, we do not allow persons more than 125 pounds to occupy the upper bunk-beds for safety reasons.

7. Do your home provide WiFi and cable TV service?
All of our homes are equipped with cable TV packages, FREE WiFi, and flat screen TV's in the family room and all bedrooms

8. What about swimming pools, and Hot Tubs?
Each of our homes provides beautiful HEATED swimming pools and hot tubs at no extra charge. Our new 2-bedroom home at The Villas At Island Club resort (“Pool-Side Paradise”) even has a beautiful heated swimming pool (fenced of course) right at the bottom of the staircase!! You cannot have it better than that, and the children will love you for it. Villas Of Somerset (“Your Magic Kingdom”) has a beautiful HEATED pool with pool-side food and beverage service!

9. Do you provide sheets, linens, pillows, towels or should we bring our own?
They are all provided. Click the "Included Free" tab at the top of the page.  You may be amazed....

10. How far of a ride really, are the Disney theme parks and Universal Studios?
We are exactly 4 miles or 5 minutes driving time from the exits on US-192, that take you to each of the Disney parks. From there, you are on Disney property and need to only follow the signs to the theme park parking lot of your choice!  We are only 10-15 minutes to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Sea World.

11. What is the closest airport to fly into?
Flying into the Orlando International Airport is generally the best bet as it is central to all Orlando attractions and is only a 25 minute ride from the condos. You can also fly into Tampa International Airport, which is about 45 – 60 minutes to the condos by car. Tampa airport is closer to Busch Gardens and the gulf coast beaches if that’s one of your objectives for coming.

12. Where can I rent a car and who has the lowest rates?
A little internet research may be required on your part to secure the lowest rates, but it is worth the effort. Rent and pick up your car right at the airport and make the reservations well in advance of your arrival date to ensure availability. Florida car rental rates are generally among the lowest in the nation. If you have a large family or party, you can rent an SUV or a mini-van depending on how much space and seating you require. Try the following web sites to get your best deal:,,,,

You can also try Hertz, Avis and the other major rental companies but they are typically higher in cost.

Tip: If you reserve an “economy” level car, and they do not have an economy level vehicle when you arrive, they will generally upgrade you to a larger vehicle for the same cost as the economy car, since that was what you had originally reserved!  This is a good money-saving tip I use all the time!

13. How much are the Florida taxes for accommodations?
The state of Florida has no state income tax and as such, must collect money in other ways. The taxes you will see on your rental agreement consist of a 6% hotel and accommodations tax and a 7% sales tax (13% total).  The taxes we collect are turned over to the state on the 20th of every following month.

What’s the real story about Disney World tickets, Universal, all the other attractions, and the best places to purchase them at the highest possible discounts? Also, where can I get detailed information about each of the attractions, parks, navigating around, best restaurants, golf, outlet shopping, etc?

When you book with us, we provide to you ABSOLUTELY FREE, our “Discount Ticket Pricing Secrets Of Orlando And Guide To Disney”.

You will NOT find this on any book store shelves. We wrote it ourselves after literally doing 2 years of research (and we continually update it) to find and get you truly amazing discounts on ALL your theme park tickets!  It also provides detailed information about every park and attraction in and around Orlando! You will literally save HUNDRED’S OF $$’S while maximizing your available time to the fullest!  Read on…..

As an example, one of the highly sought after attractions in Disney/Kissimmee is “Arabian Nights” dinner theatre (  We have a source that provides a 43% discount off your tickets!!

This book also contains a great deal of very valuable information on the best attractions in and surrounding Orlando (Bush Gardens, Gatorland, Kennedy Space Center, etc), links to their websites, discount coupons, how to make Disney World character breakfast reservations for your children, how to avoid the lines, loads of tips on navigating the parks,  best restaurants, best outlet shopping, detailed info on all the beautiful Florida golf courses and beaches – it’s all here in one concise place and it will save you lots of money and loads of time, 100% guaranteed.

One of our recent families of 4 who stayed with us for 4 days saved $450 using our book; another family of 5 who stayed 7 days saved $875! You can save even more.

By the way, stay away from anyone who tries to sell you the “un-used” portion of their Disney theme park tickets. Disney now uses a finger-printing system to identify their customers. If you are not the original purchaser, you are not getting in and you will have wasted your money.

Also – unless you love to sit through long, high-pressure sales presentations, STAY AWAY from the road-side stands and kiosks that say for example “Disney Tickets - $9.95!” Everyone we know (without exception) who attended one of these told us that they would never do it again and we’re sorry they did.  They are selling time-shares and they use this signage to get you in.

Once in, they will try and get you to sign up to attend at least two time-share presentations that take 3-4 hours each. In return, they offer you discounted tickets but trust me, you will pay for them in valuable vacation time, pressure, and very uncomfortable circumstances.  In our “Discount Ticket Pricing Secrets Of Orlando And Guide To Disney” we tell you the legitimate places to get discounted tickets without any “side-effects”!

15. How do I obtain the keys, how do I check in, and what time is check-in and check-out? Can I get an earlier or later time?
Please note that check in is at 4pm or any time thereafter. Please DO NOT arrive earlier than 4PM unless previous written arrangements have been made (see rental agreement for specific details). If you need an earlier arrival or later departure time, we will be happy to accommodate you if we can, at NO additional charge.

The process is extremely simple and no formal “check-in” is required.
Fourteen days in advance of your arrival date, we will forward to you the information you will need concerning the lock, key, combination.
This way, whenever you arrive at whatever time, you can just let yourself in and begin enjoying yourself immediately.

Check-out is 10am or earlier. Please DO NOT leave any later than 10AM unless previous written arrangements have been made.

Again, if you need an earlier or later time for check-in/check-out, let us know in advance. We will make every effort to accommodate you depending on availability.

16. Is there a shuttle or bus service to the Disney parks?
Lynx buses run to and from the Disney parks every 30 minutes. As of this writing, the price is only $1.75 each way, per person. The buses stop at the corner of Lindfields and US-192 (Villas At Island Club resort guests), and Poinciana Blvd and US-192 (Villas of Somerset resort guests). The walk to the bus stop areas is very short - about 3-4 minutes. Note: Because these are buses, they make several stops along the way. The bus can therefore take 25- 35 minute to get to Disney. A direct drive will take 5-10 minutes or less to the park exits depending on traffic. Go to the the Lynx website for more information and schedules.

16A. Getting Around Using Taxis at Walt Disney World
By using taxis instead of a rental car you don't have to worry about parking fees, valet tips, car seat rental (most taxi vans at Disney World will provide them for free on request), or accident insurance. Plus, you will be dropped off at the front gate, won't have to remember where you parked, and your family will not have to climb into a hot car!

Using a taxi is especially terrific if you have little ones and decide to stay late in a theme park to enjoy the fireworks. Instead of rushing out with the crowds after the show and waiting for three Disney buses before it's your turn, you call a cab and get those tuckered-out kids back to the hotel in a fraction of the time.

Even if you're staying on property, a taxi can drastically reduce the hassle factor of going out to dinner at Disney's resorts (including the Hoop Dee Doo Revue and Spirit of Aloha dinner shows), since there is no direct resort-to-resort transportation.

The taxi fare to get all the way across the Disney property should seldom exceed $20 plus tip. Most trips on property should be closer to the $10-$15 mark. To get a general idea, you can use the Taxi Fare Estimator offered by Mears Transportation, which the official provider of taxi services on Disney property. Note that not all locations at Walt Disney World and the surrounding area are included in the Taxi Fare Estimator. For instance, Disney's Hollywood Studios isn't listed (use Epcot, which is close). Neither is Downtown Disney (use Disney Institute) or Animal Kingdom (use Blizzard Beach and add a few bucks).

If you choose to use taxis to get around at Walt Disney World, here are some tips to remember:

Unless you are desperate, use only the yellow cabs (sedans and vans) with meters! There are different brand names on the vehicles (Yellow Cab, Checker, City or Safety), but they all are yellow and all operated by Mears Transportation, which has an official relationship with Disney. Ask what the approximate fare will be, BEFORE you get in the cab. If it sounds too high, get a different cab.

All other cabs and vans are "gypsy" (independent) operators operating unmetered vehicles and there have been horror stories about the outrageous fares they've charged. One of my readers was charged $40 for a trip from Downtown Disney to a theme park. If you must use one of these operators, negotiate a flat rate for your trip BEFORE you get in the vehicle.

You can also call for a cab directly: the number is (407) 699-9999. This number dispatches yellow cabs from all of the companies listed above. If possible, carry a cell phone with you to call for service when away from your hotel.

If you are a group of 5 or more, be sure to request a taxi VAN, which has a capacity of up to 7 people and does not cost more than a regular taxi sedan.

In addition to meter cost of the taxi ride, be sure to budget for a standard tip (approximately 15%) for the driver.

17. What are the payment options?
You can pay by personal check, all major credit cards, money order, or PayPal. There are NO extra fees for payments by PayPal, check, or money order. We'll add a 2.9% processing fee for payments by credit cards to help us partially offset the 5% fees we are charged by the credit card companies. If you live outside the USA, only PayPal and credit cards are accepted as forms of payment. For our Canadian friends, you can pay by check or PayPal if you wish but the funds must be converted to US rates

18. Suppose someone in my family is ill or something happens to force cancellation of my trip? What happens?
Most everyone in Disney asks for a non-refundable 50% deposit at the time of booking. If something happens, you are out of a lot of $'s, period. We on the other hand ask for only a 10% deposit because we understand that things can happen. The deposit in not refundable, however if you re-schedule with us for another date (even if it's next year), we will re-apply the deposit to the new dates for you!

19. What do you provide in your vacation homes so I know what to pack or leave home?
We provide:

  • Washer and dryer
  • Fresh linens and towels
  • Starter roll of paper towels
  • Starter garbage bag
  • Starter rolls of toilet paper in all bathrooms
  • All pots, pans, dishes, glasses, silverware
  • Appliances – toaster, range, microwave, coffee pot, dishwasher, refrigerator
  • TV’s in living rooms and in each bedrooms
  • Ice cold central air conditioning (and heating if needed) - Full baby-ware including porta-crib with linens, high chair, stroller (most homes - ask)
  • Pamphlets for all the attractions including coupon discounts

20. How will I know how to get to the condo from the airport or from my home address?
We will provide a very detailed Mapquest with full driving instructions for you, right to the doorstep! It’s about a 25 minute ride from the Orlando airport.
21. What is the “Cleaning Fee” and what does it cover?
The cleaning fee takes care of everything after you check out, so you don’t have to spend your last vacation hours cleaning the house.  It includes washing and drying the sheets, towels, making the beds, vacuuming, doing the dishes – putting the home back into the same condition it was in, as when you arrived.
We do ask that before you leave, that you strip ONLY the beds you have used and put the sheets and pillow cases in the bathtub (leave the comforters on the beds). 

Also, it would be a wonderful favor to us and the cleaning staff if you would please start a load of towels in the washing machine just before checking out, as the cleaning staff has to hurry to make everything as perfect as it was for you, for our next guests and time is of the essence. THANK YOU so much for your help in this regard.

22. While we are there, what should we do if for instance, a pipe breaks, something breaks or we need immediate help?
We are only 1 ½ hours away and have several local service companies on stand-by to help. Call us in the following order:


We will respond immediately. If it is a true emergency (medical emergency, fire, fire alarms going off, etc) dial 911 immediately and they will respond. Then call us at the numbers above afterwards and let us know.
23. Are there any restaurants you would recommend?
A few of our favorites are:

  • Texas De Brazil – 5259 International Dr, Orlando. (407) 355-0355.Call for reservations. Fixed price per person. This is the most wonderful restaurant I have ever been to and is our personal favorite. It is a Brazilian steak house. Brazilian waiters will keep bringing filet mignon, all kinds of beef roasts, chicken, lamb, etc., on giant skewers to your table until you say “uncle”! The most amazing “salad bar” you can imagine, but it should not even be called a salad bar. I believe children get a discounted rate.Directions:1. Right onto US-192 east from Lindfields.2. Follow 4 miles to I-4 east3. Get off at exit 75A4. Turn right on Universal Blvd5. Turn left on International Drive and go 1 mile. It’s on the left
  • Romano’s Macaroni Grill – US 192 Kissimmee.Excellent Italian restaurant, moderately priced. Go right on US-192 from Lindfields and travel about 12-15 minutes. It will be on the right near the CVS Pharmacy.
  • Pacino’s Italian Restaurant – US-192, KissimmeeExcellent Italian restaurant, cozy atmosphere. Go right onto US-192 east and travel about 7-8 minutes. It will be on your left. A littlehigher in price than Romano’s but a wonderful restaurant with excellent, attentive service and food, wine and atmosphere.
  • Houlihans. US-192, about 1 mile east of the condo. Try the Jambalaya if you like a hot and spicy New Orleans tradition. It’s excellent.

Excellent Franchises: Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel, TGI Friday – on US-192 east. You will see them as you drive.

Restaurants to avoid in our opinion:
We have never had much success with the “feasts” such as the Boston Lobster Feast, Angel’s All You Can Eat Lobster, and others you will see. The “lobsters” are very small, probably under the legal limit-size, and it just feels uncomfortable and “dingy”.  However, some people have written that they liked them, so you might want to try it for yourselves.

24. Do you have any previous guest comments or letters from other families and people we can talk to who have stayed with you before?
We literally have hundreds of unsolicited written emails, letters, and testimonials from previous families and guests from around the world. We would be happy to send you their actual written comments and even encourage you to email them directly, as we have their permission to do so.

25. Do you have any recommendations for DEEP SEA FISHING?
Yes we do. Go to this website: ·  I am told they are excellent. It’s only about a 50 minute-1-hour drive.

26. Do you have BBQ areas?
YES we do. Our 2-bedroom condo at The Villas At Somerset has a lovely BBQ area behind the heated pool, and our 3 homes in The Villas At Island Club have a great BBQ area with picnic tables right behind the pool as well.

As a matter of fact, our “Pool-Side Paradise” condo has a BBQ area located just behind the sand volley ball court which is very close to the condo itself.  You MUST use these areas and are not allowed to BBQ on decks or other areas except designated areas for fire and safety reasons.

27. Where can we play golf? Do you supply any information in this regard?
YES we do. In our “Guide to Disney and Orlando” you will find a large, detailed section on all the wonderful golf courses surrounding our homes, such as Champions Gate, Fox Fire, and all the others.

28. How do we know who we’re dealing with and if this is all true?
An excellent question and one that I would ask myself. In any relationship or transaction, there has to be a certain amount of mutual trust. We must trust that you are who you say you are, that you will treat the home with respect and take care of it as if it were your own while you are with us.

For our part, we have attained TripAdvisors coveted "RATED EXCELLENT" award 4 years running which is a virtual guarantee of what you and your family will experience when you stay with us. To get this designation, we have accumulated more than 300 5-star reviews written voluntarily by other families who have stayed with us. is fully licensed by the state of Florida for your protection and peace of mind. We have been in business for more than 14 years helping families from all over the world. In these 14 years we have not had one breach of credit card information. We treat your information and privacy seriously.

Please note that MANY vacation rentals / owners in the Disney area are NOT licensed by the state, and if you stay with them and have issues or problems, you will have nowhere to go for help or resolution after you arrive.

We personally guarantee that everything we have told you in our ads, here, and in all of our promotional materials, are 100% accurate. We pride ourselves in how we treat our families and go out of our way to make everything as perfect and wonderful as we can for you.

29. What is the reservation process and how does it work?
It’s simple and secure. Provide the following information:

  • Please indicate the home or homes you prefer
  • Name 
  • Address 
  • Telephone 
  • Cell phone (for emergency contact) 
  • Best email address to use 
  • What arrival date would you like? 
  • When is your departure date?
  • Do you want HS internet access for your stay? 
  • Number of adults over age 25 
  • Number of family members under age 25, and their ages

We will then prepare a rental agreement and credit card info form for your review and will send it to you via email.

If acceptable, sign and fax back to us at 727-697-0841 within 24-hours. You can also sign, scan and email a copy back if you have access to a scanner. We will sign, and email a copy back to you.

We will then apply your 10% deposit, and will email a receipt to you once it is applied.

The balance is not due until 14 days prior to your arrival date, at which time we will apply the remaining balance to your credit card unless other arrangements have been made, and send you a “paid in full” receipt, the lock/key location and code, and all the final info you will need.  That’s all there is to it.

Please note that most everyone in Disney asks for a non-refundable 50% deposit at the time of booking. If something happens, you are out of a lot of $'s, period. We on the other hand ask for only a 20% deposit because we understand that things can happen. The deposit is understandably not refundable, however if you re-schedule with us for another date (even if it's next year), we will re-apply the deposit to the new dates for you!

30. Please tell me about the telephones in the condos.
As virtually everyone has cell phones these days, we no longer provide land-line telephones in any of the homes. Be sure to bring your cell phones and chargers. If you want an inexpensive cell phone to use while here, go to our local WalMart and buy a "disposable" cell phone to have with you for your stay. Just add as many minutes as you like.

31. What about emergencies, and emergency calls?
“911” is the way to reach emergency services from any cell phone. Give them the name of the resort you are staying at and your address (see your rental agreement).

32. Do you provide Internet service? YES.
We now provide FREE WiFi in each of our homes.

33. Will we get the same home as the one we asked for and as seen in the photos on your website?
I have heard astounding stories from other families about getting something totally different when they arrived, than what they had been shown by other owners or management companies (and something that they never, ever would have rented). Please note that the home you asked for and contracted for will be the home you get upon arrival. We believe strongly in and live by the concept of “do unto others.” More than anything, we want you to have a perfect, wonderful experience and will do everything possible to make it so.

34. Your information says that "Pool-Side Paradise" has a beautiful heated pool at the foot of the staircase "for the maximum in luxury and convenience." I LOVE the fact that it's so close and that I can even keep an eye on the kids, but does the condo get a lot of noise from it?
This is a great question. I will answer it in two ways. One, from the comments of guests that have stayed here, and two, from our (the owners) perspective and experience.

Guest experience: Here's a guest comment taken directly from the guest book at the condo: "We decided to stay at Pool-Side Paradise partly because of the great location of the pool. We loved that it was so close but we also wondered if the condo would be noisy. Well the fact is, we could not hear a thing coming from the pool area. And we had the pool right there to use anytime, so it could not have worked out better!"

Owners Perspective: Lenore and I stay here often ourselves and have had the same experience as our guests.

Here’s why.

  1. Unlike most other resorts, there are TWO pools at this resort. That means, that each pool serves only a few buildings rather than all of them.
  2. Most of our guests have every intention of using the pools. However they are so busy with all the theme parks and attractions from daybreak to the fireworks, that by the time they get back, most are too tired to do anything but eat, relax, and go to sleep! This is another reason why they are so beautifully quiet.
  3. Of course, there are some very savvy families who take our advice and put aside a morning, afternoon, or even a full day or two and do nothing but sit pool-side, swim, enjoy the hot tubs, and work on their tans.

35. I want to give the kids and ourselves a change of pace and environment at a few State Parks and/or Nature Trails for a day or two.  Do you have any recommendations?
YES, absolutely.  That’s a great idea and a nice change from the hectic theme park pace.  Kissimmee and the central Florida area have lots of wonderful places to see! Go to these links for information:

36. I am debating between renting a single family home, staying at one of the “on-site” Disney properties, and staying at one of your resort condos. Can you give me some “pros and cons”? You bet. Here are some important things to consider. Many of these were relayed to us by some of our families who had experienced the other two scenarios in previous vacations:

Cost. Our resort condos generally cost much less to stay at than a single family home, and much, much less than staying on property at Disney.
Convenience. Our two resorts (Island Club and Somerset) are centrally located right “in the heart of Disney World”. You are a stone’s throw from shopping, the attractions and theme parks, restaurants, etc.  Single family homes are typically more remotely located and will require more driving. Disney World “on-site” properties require you to drive off-property to access shopping such as Wal-Mart and other similar stores and the stores they do provide on-property are “Disney priced” (enough said).Additionally, Disney on-site properties still require you to hop a bus or rail  with all the stops, to get to the theme parks. Believe it or not, you can  actually make better time from one of our condos than you can by  staying “on-site”!

“Home” Vs.  A Disney Hotel Room. Our spacious homes are completely and magnificently furnished. We supply everything from free baby-ware to fully applianced kitchens. They are much, much larger than a Disney hotel room, and provide all (and more) of the comforts of your own home as well as being jaw-dropping beautiful. You can also save lots of $’s by enjoying and cooking your meals at home as we supply everything you need.

Amenities. Our resorts provide many more amenities for you and the family than you will get in a single family home, such as swimming pools, pools with food and beverage service (Somerset), hot tubs, sauna/steam rooms, beach sand volley ball courts, game rooms, staffed clubhouses, tennis courts, fitness centers, playgrounds, BBQ’s. Other than possibly a pool, you and your children will typically not have these other amenities to enjoy in a single family home.
Pool Heat. Our resort pools are heated to 80 degrees all year long, free of charge. If the single family home has a pool, they invariably charge quite a bit extra for pool heat.

Security. All of our condos are on the second floor affording not only spacious vaulted ceilings, but also the privacy and security of being “out of sight” through windows and glass as well as not being ground level. Additionally, both of our resorts are in affluent, upscale areas surrounded by lots of other families and people just like you.

Safety For Children: Private homes with pools can be a real safety concern for families with children, and especially small children. Most of these homes have no alarms or safety fences and children have been known to wander out to the pools without any supervision or others present. You can fill in the rest. If you decide to go this route, PLEASE be sure there is ALWAYS someone present around the pool or with the children at all times.  The resort pools nearly always have at least some people around or in the pools which helps greatly with the safety factor.

Friendships. You might not believe how many families have mentioned to us that they and their children formed wonderful lasting friendships with other families they met while staying with us. 

37. I would love to be able to slow-cook meals while we’re away at the parks during the day so they are ready for dinner at night when we come home. Do you provide crock pots?
YES, and that’s a wonderful idea! Most of our kitchens are fully stocked just like (or perhaps even better) than home! We have tried to anticipate your every need and some of our homes crock pots. Enjoy pot roasts, spare ribs, meatballs and spaghetti sauce, stews, soups, seafood, chicken and lots of other great meals – and they will be all ready for you when you return! Also, think of all the “going out to dinner” money you’ll save!

38. Can you give us some idea of what times of the year have the most/least visitors?
Absolutely. Here it is month by month on a scale of 1-5 with “5” being the most visitors. Believe it or not, many people thrive on coming during the peak periods because of the tremendous “party atmosphere” that exists. Remember – you’re talking about the happiest place on earth, so for many, “the more, the merrier!”

January 2-31 3.9
February 4.2
March 4.6
April 1-15 4
April 16-30 4.4
May 2.5
June 1-10 3
June 11-30 4.6
July 4.7
August 4.6
September 2
October 2.3
November 1-15 3.3
November 16-30 4.5
December 1-15 4
December 16- Jan 1 5

39. Can you give us some idea of what the temperatures and weather conditions are like at different times of the year in the Orlando/Disney area? Yes. Here’s what you can expect:














Upper 70’s




70’s / 80’s




Low 80’s




Mid 80’s


* Humidity = M




* Humidity = H




* Humidity = H




* Humidity = M













* = Generally an evening shower every day between 4-6pm lasting only 15-30 minutes.

40. Can you tell me where the closest post office, library, Kinkos/Fed-Ex offices are located?

For our guests staying at The Villas of Somerset, the USPS is only 1 mile away. Map and directions.

For our guests staying at The Villas at Island Club, your closest USPS is only 2.9 miles away Map and directions.

For our guests staying at The Villas of Somerset, your closest library is the Osceola County Library. Map and directions.

For our guests staying at The Villas at Island Club, your closest library is the Citrus Ridge Library.  Map and directions.

For our guests staying at The Villas of Somerset, your closest Kinkos/Fed-Ex location is only 4.5 miles away. Highlight, copy, and paste this link into your browser map and directions.

For our guests staying at The Villas at Island Club, your closest Kinkos / Fed-Ex location is the same as the one above.

41.  I don't want to bring my P/C with me on vacation, but I may need to catch up on some work while there. Where can I find a place that has a P/C and Internet access combined?
We provide high speed internet access in each of our condos, but not the P/C. If you need both, may we suggest two branches of the local library.  They are fully equipped with P/C's and internet, and can be used FREE of charge.  They are also conveniently located. Please see this website that lists all Florida libraries.
The two closest to The Villas At Island Club and The Villas Of Somerset would be the

  • Clermont branch at 17445 US-192 (2 miles from Island Club) and the
  • Celebration branch at 510 Campus Street (3 miles from Somerset).
  • We suggest calling first (telephone numbers are provided at the website) to check schedules and availability.

42. We have a family member who will require a motorized scooter for our stay in Disney, in order to be able to get around the parks. Can you provide any help or information about this?
YES we can, and we're happy to help.  Please click on this link:

  • At the time of this writing, only $30/day
  • You can request a scooter with a sun shade!
  • The smaller units that will support up to a 200 pound person have a removable battery pack that can be taken out and recharged separately from the unit!
  • You can charge the battery pack outside the condo on the front porch near the door, where we even have an electrical outlet for you!
  • They will deliver and pick up the scooter right to the condo for a nominal $10 fee each way!
  • Note: BE SURE you rent a car or van at the airport that has the lift and gear to accommodate a scooter!

If you have any other questions we haven’t addressed, please ask and we will add them to this list!
Have a great vacation, and thank you for staying with us!!
Frank & Lenore Monteleone
Amazing Disney Homes
(727) 862-0197 / (813) 361-8417

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