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  • The condo was everything we could have ever hoped for. I must admit I was a little nervous about giving my credit card info to a complete stranger, but I just had a good feeling about you. I could go one for a long time about our visit, your home, and how nice you were, but I will just say THANK YOU.
    God Bless You Both, Mark, Melanie, and Taylor Myers
  • The grandchildren are still talking about “their room”, Disney, and how much fun they had. We only got lost once, but didn't panic. In our confusion we did find a great shoe store and we all bought shoes, so it wasn't a total loss! We had the vacation of a lifetime thanks to you and we most certainly will be back!
    Take Care, Cricket and family
Park Guide

The granddaughters reserving their space for Disney's Main Street Parade!

When you book with us, we will provide you with something worth its weight in gold - for FREE.
Something that will save you hundreds of $'s on your park tix's and Disney World vacation. As you have already figured out, the biggest expense of a Disney World vacation is not the accommodations It's the cost of the admission tickets to the parks, attractions, dinner theatres, and other activities.

And, then there are the parks themselves - trying to understand what's in each park, the best attractions to see and which to bypass; how to avoid the long times waiting in lines. This is known as the "logistics".

While you're here, you also need to know which are the best restaurants in the area, as well as the best shopping outlets.
We have ALL the money-saving answers for you. I It has taken more than 3 years, but we have literally walked, researched, turned over every stone, and found the absolute best deals on where to buy THE HIGHEST DISCOUNTED tickets not only for Disney World, but for Universal Studios, Sea World, Gatorland, Arabian Nights, and ALL the Orlando attractions and theatres!

Even more importantly, to protect yourselves you need to know about the myriad of scams and fakes there are in Disney trying to sell "tickets", such as the street kiosks who advertise things such as “Disney World Tickets - $9.95!” We will tell you who they are, what their game is, how to avoid these people, and how to identify them.
As just one example, our book recently saved one of our recent Disney families of four, $375 on their Disney World vacation! And the more family/party members you have, the more $'s saved.

We even show you how to get tickets mailed right to your doorstep so you won't have to wait in those long lines at each of the parks.

This amazing book will be sent to you FREE when you stay with us as our way of saying "thank you for staying with us!"

You will NOT find this book or information or book on any store shelves. We did the research and we've written it by literally “pounding the streets” ourselves, turning over every rock, and checking out all the sources.

It's 50 pages are concise, easy to read, and easy to execute. We even provide all the websites, telephone numbers for Disney and all the nearby attractions - it's all here.

No one else has all of this coveted information and it will give you a distinct advantage over other travelers and any other book you can find, because it has been locally written by the experts who live here.

In it we provide such information as:

  • How and where to get the LOWEST prices on Disney World, Universal, Sea World, and ALL of the other parks and attractions.
  • How to get even higher discounts by "bundling" with other parks, and other very unique strategies.
  • How to save more than 43% on Arabian Nights dinner theatre tickets.
  • Similar savings on Pirate's dinner theatre, Medieval Times, Al Capone's and others.
  • How to schedule breakfast or dinner with Mickey, Winnie, and many of the other Disney characters.
  • Best shopping outlets to save $’s
  • Best local restaurants.
  • Best places to play golf with detailed descriptions.
  • How to solve the “logistics” problems at the theme parks.
  • How to do the theme parks on a limited time schedule.
  • Best nightclubs, places to dance, enjoy music.
  • Where to find Vegas style gambling on a 75,000SF scenic ocean liner cruise, for FREE.

This book will become your "best friend" immediately, and you will be so thankful to have it by your side.
It's yours for FREE with our comnpliments and thanks!

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