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  • The place was WONDERFUL!!!!! I still can't believe it! I didn't want to leave this morning. This place is so beautiful that I took pictures and sent them to all my friends and family! I will be contacting you again so that I can stay here again!
    Janey Thomas
  • My son, Ty, who was there celebrating his 5th birthday, LOVED "his" room with his bunk beds, games and books. Frank, it was so easy working with you to arrange this great trip. You clearly put a lot of effort into this condo and helping your customers and it shines through!
    Warm wishes, Joyce,Cuong and Ty Hicks
Questions you must ask

Getting a large, gorgeous, fully equipped and furnished home in the Disney World area can be the highlight of your Disney World vacation and a huge money saver.  But it can also be a nightmare if you are not careful. Be very wary about any “low ball” offers. As we all know from experience, you generally get what you pay for (or don’t pay for).

These are the questions you MUST ask before renting any condo or home from both a property management company as well as any private owner. They may save you from a lot of unnecessary grief that could potentially ruin your vacation or trip.

P.S. - Be sure to click on the “FAQ’s” tab (frequently asked questions) at the top of all our web pages for even lots more free, helpful info!

1. Are you licensed by the state of FL and will you send me a copy of your license? (If not, you will have no recourse if something goes wrong) is and has been fully licensed by the state of Florida for more than 6 years, and we are happy to provide a copy of our license upon request.

2. Is the home you are showing me the exact home I will get when I arrive?  Note: We actually found someone using OUR condo photos on their vacation ad!  Imagine what those families who stayed with them got (or didn't get!) when they arrived at who knows where?
You will get the EXACT home you have asked for and it will be immaculate and even better than advertised and pictured. And we offer an unheard of 100% money-back guarantee to back that up!

3. Do you live in the area? How often do you personally inspect and take care of the property?  Note: Most owners live in other states or countries and rarely come down to inspect their homes, clean, change out sheets and bedspreads, shampoo carpets, do pest prevention, etc.  Just think for a moment about what you may be getting if they do not live locally.
We live only an hour and a half from our condos, and are there on site every week to check, clean, restock, shampoo carpets, etc. The Guarantee: Your home will be absolutely perfect in every way upon arrival or we will give you 100% of your money back and cancel your rental agreement, upon request if we can’t correct what’s wrong immediately.

4. Where will I have to go or have to drive to, to get the key when I arrive? If the key is missing or not in a lockbox, how will I get in?
When you arrive, regardless of the hour, your key will be right at the front door in a secured lockbox for which you will have been given a unique key-code a few weeks prior. You will not have to drive anywhere to get the key. Just let yourselves in and begin enjoying your amazing home and vacation!

5. How old are the photos you are showing me? Note: some people are using 10-20 year old photos and they are NOT representative of the home they are showing you. Some were actually using OTHER people’s photos - ours for example, on their website!!
ur homes are even better than pictured. Almost every family who has stayed with us has said “your photos do not justice. It was even better than pictured”. We maintain our homes ourselves to extremely high standards. Everything will be perfect or we will immediately make it so.

6. Removed.

7. How much is the deposit and what happens to my deposit if I have to cancel? only requires a 10% deposit which is FULLY PROTECTED with another guarantee. That is: “If you should have to cancel your dates for any reason, simply reschedule your vacation with us up to 2 years into the future (pending availability of the dates chosen) and we will re-apply your deposit to the new dates, so that it is never lost There is no limit to the number of times you can do this.”

8. Do you allow pets? Note:  If pets are allowed and if you or someone in your family has allergies of any kind, be prepared - as well as for filthy carpets and pet odors.
Although we are huge animal lovers and have 4 cats that “rule the roost” in our personal home, we strictly forbid pets of any kind in our condos for the health and welfare of our families. Our homes are immaculate. Carpets are shampooed every 2 weeks whether they need it or not, bedspreads are routinely dry-cleaned, etc.

9. Do you allow smoking inside the home?
NO, and our contracts fully enforce this. For those family members who do smoke, they can do so outside on the balconies or walkways.

10. How old are the beds and linens and are they cleaned regularly? is “insane” about things like this.  Our beds are NEW and upscale; sheets are new and routinely changed out; bedspreads are periodically dry-cleaned. Beds are periodically cleaned and disinfected. “Better than home, MUCH better than a hotel, and better than ANYWHERE else” is the motto we use and adhere to.

11. What do you provide with the home (cookware, appliances, paper products, basic pharmaceuticals, cookware, etc)? provides a “What’s Included” checklist for you so you know exactly what is provided in our homes (which is virtually everything). You will be amazed at how quickly things can add up in most other homes that are not all-inclusive.  Some families have told us that other homes they rented “for a deal” had no cookware, glasses, and even no linens for the beds! Be careful.

12. Are the resort pools and spas heated and if so, is there an additional charge for pool-heat?
Our resort pools are heated to 86 degrees all year long and there is NO extra charge for this.

13. Do you charge by the "head-count"? Note: many owners give a low-ball nightly rate based on 1 or 2 people and then add $10-$30/night, per person - be careful)
We DO NOT charge by the headcount. Our total cost is fully inclusive and based on the nightly rate only, regardless of the number of people in your family. There is however a limit of 6 people for our 2 B/R homes and 8 people for our 3 B/R homes due to fire code regulations.

14. Will you charge my credit card “damages” fees for normal wear and tear after I check out?
We ask that you treat the home as if it were your own. We do not charge for “normal” wear and tear and we have yet to ever charge any of our families a “damages” fee of any kind. We have found that giving people a gorgeous new and well maintained home means they will respect it and keep it that way.

15. How do you (the renter) feel about sharing your credit card information with this person if they are not licensed by the state? is fully licensed by the state of Florida for your protection and peace of mind. We have been in business for more than 14 years helping families from all over the world and have yet to have one single breach of anyone's credit card information. We treat your information with the respect and privacy we ourselves would expect.

17. Do you charge amenity fees (fees to use the pools and other amenities)
NO. All amenities are included free of charge.

18. Are your common charges, utility and other payments up to date? pays all common charges, mortgage payments, etc., one month ahead and all utility bills are paid immediately upon receipt. You will have full use of all utilities and resort amenities during your stay. Many vacation homeowners these days are in default on their mortgages and common charges but continue to rent their homes anyway. In these cases, you may have no cable, no A/C or electric, no use of the resort amenities or even a padlock on the door. Ask questions!

19. Do you charge a re-stocking fee for items used?

20. Do you provide free baby ware (high chair, stroller, crib with linens)?
YES. Upscale stroller (has a basket, visor, etc – not an “umbrella stroller), high chair, and porta-crib with linens and blankets are provided in most homes FREE of charge for your use. Ask about the home you are interested in.

21. Do you pest-prevent your home regularly whether they need it or not?
YES, absolutely, on a specific schedule

22. What exactly is included in the home so I know what to pack?
Amazing Disney Homes will provide you with a “What’s Included” checklist for you so you know exactly what to pack or leave home.

23. Will you give us references/names of other people who have stayed with you and allow us to contact those people via email for their input?
Absolutely, and as many as you wish. We have more than 300 5-star reviews posted on TripAdvisor/FlipKey by other families who have stayed with us. We'll provide phone numbers and email addresses as well so you can contact some of these families directly, if you like. We're extremely proud of our reputation.

24. Are your homes on the ground floor or second floor? And do any have patios or balconies?
We have a wonderful mix of ground floor and second floor condos and homes to choose from. If you require a ground level home with no steps just ask and we'll show you what we have. Our ground floor homes are especially helpful to some of our retired "snowbirds" who don't want to deal with steps. And YES, many of our homes have beautiful, private outdoor patios and balconies with tables, chairs, etc., so you can enjoy the fresh Florida air with your morning coffee or even a nice candle-lit dinner!

25. Do you supply washers and dryers or will I have to walk or drive to a remote laundry site?
Amazing Disney Homes provides washers and dryers inside all of our homes. You will not have to drive anywhere to do your laundry.

26. Can you help us get highly discounted tickets, park guides, attraction info, best restaurants, directions, etc?
YES, YES, YES. No one can save you more money on all your theme park and attraction tickets than we can. A typical family of 4 staying for 5 nights will save an average of $650 using the exclusive information we supply in our book. It’s sent email with your deposit receipt so you can start using it immediately!  And the Park Guide section will quickly become your best friend, guaranteed.

Be sure to ask these questions regardless of where you decide to stay.

Hope these are helpful and best wishes to you and your family for an amazing, wonderful Disney World vacation!

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